Specialty Treatments

Body Lymphatic Treatment
Stimulation of the lymphatic system, using cups gently guided by a therapist, enhances the circulation of blood and the elimination of toxins. A relaxing scalp massage concludes this treatment.
50 min. - $145, Saturdays - $155

Enhanced Body Lymphatic Treatment
Using a combination of algae-based creams, along with gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system, specific areas of the body are targeted, promoting detoxification which results in smoother skin appearance. This treatment is finished with a gel specific to your body type, and a contouring serum.
80 min. - $180, Saturdays - $190

Reflexology (Five Element)
This treatment is based on the ancient Eastern method of strengthening the inner body functions through stimulation of the pressure points on the feet, and in relation to the vital organs of the body, with the use of five element essential oils.
50 min. - $150, Saturdays - $160

Wild Chamomile/Ancient Cedar Pedissage *
Beginning with a scrub of purifying cedar, the feet and legs are cleansed before a masque of wild chamomile flowers and lavender. Then the feet and legs receive a (reflexology) pedissage using wild chamomile-infused oil, followed by a moisturizing chamomile and lavender foot balm. The pedissage ends with a relaxing cup of wild chamomile tea.
50 min. - $160, Saturdays - $170

Wild Chamomile/Ancient Cedar Body Treatment *
The body is first exfoliated with Aspira's signature Ancient Cedar Scrub, known for its purifying and detoxifying properties. After exfoliation, the rehydrating signature masque of Wild Chamomile and Lavender is applied to the entire body. The treatment concludes with a relaxing reflexology massage focusing mainly on feet and legs and applying gentle pressure to the reflex points of the body.
105 min. - $250, Saturdays - $260

Chakra Balancing *
This treatment begins with a balancing bath, using light and sound vibration, while the body is massaged with hundreds of air jets. After this relaxing bathing experience, the Chakra Balancing Massage leaves you in a state of total relaxation.
105 min. - $260, Saturdays - $270

This centuries-old Moroccan body cleansing ritual begins with aromatherapy in the steam room, followed with a purifying salt scrub exfoliation and a body shampoo. After the exfoliation and a warm shower, the Moroccan Hot Oil Massage provides a soothing finish to this exotic experience.
105 min. - $250, Saturdays - $260

Slimming Treatment
This treatment begins with a Slimming Chromatub Bath to stimulate detoxification and reduce water retention. Next, the Body Lymphatic Treatment, using specific algae-based creams and serums, tones and firms the skin. The treatment finishes with slimming body gels and a soothing scalp massage.
80 min. - $200, Saturdays - $210

Balneotherapy Bath in Chromotub *
This balancing treatment detoxifies the body through the use of minerals, nutrients and essential oils. A therapist performs lymphatic drainage, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, exfoliation and scalp massage while your body is massaged by the jets and surrounded by the healing lights of the chromatub.
25 min. - $95, Saturdays - $105

Massage With Balneotherapy
For total relaxation and bliss, enjoy a balneotherapy bath followed by a massage of your choice.
80 min. - From $230, Saturdays - From $240 (determined by choice of massage)

* Aspira Spa signature treatment
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