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Our Philosophy

Aspira was created as a place to take one's journey - a place to move forward in nature and peace.

Meaning 'infused with spirit', Aspira was borne on the banks of a lake considered sacred by the Native Americans who lived there. Shaped like an elk's heart, the lake bestows its powerful natural energy upon all who encounter it.

Our logo, a three-spiral symbol from the ancient Uighur civilization, identifies this journey place for the mind, body and spirit.

Inside Aspira, the space is thoughtfully designed, embracing the wisdom of feng shui and the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. We embrace the healing wisdom of indigenous peoples from around the world for a holistic, organic approach to the spa experience. There is a reverence for all that is natural and the balance created with such reverence - in the design of our space, in the purity of our products and in the approach of our services.

We invite you to journey with Aspira.

February Valentine's Specials

Treat your valentine to the gift of relaxation. Surprise your special someone with well-deserved pampering!
Click here for details.

Celebrate the Cranberry

Native to North America, the cranberry is a versatile fruit with far-reaching health benefits. Its medicinal properties have been recognized for centuries by cultures from around the world, including Native Americans who used raw cranberries to dress wounds. Whether ingested or used topically, cranberries help to repair and prevent the damage of cells, lowering the risk of infections. Specific to skin care, cranberries are an amazing resource for renewing both dry and oily skin and will give the complexion a bright glow. They are also known for helping skin conditions like extremely dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

With our signature "Celebrate the Cranberry" services, Aspira creates its own signature Cranberry Scrub and Cranberry Masks, using natural ingredients including fresh cranberry, mint and honey, providing a fresh, rejuvenating experience.

Click here to view our special Cranberry services, including the Facial, Envelopment, and Manicure & Pedicure.


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